• Networking Breakfast & Exhibition Exploration 

  • Remarks by Nadhmi Al Nasr, Chief Executive Officer, NEOM

  • Communities often struggle to balance economic growth with environmental protection  and livability. NEOM will prioritize all three in building OXAGON, a carbon emission-free  industrial city that will redefine how manufacturing can coexist with nature and people.  This session will present this innovative approach to industrial development, the technology trends that will enable it, and the regulatory environment that will ensure business and humans thrive. 

    • How can industry and economic growth exist in harmony with livability and nature, and  what are the best practices for achieving this coexistence? 
    • How can technology be best leveraged in an integrated way across key sectors of  industrial development, including construction and manufacturing? 
    • How will the regulatory environment be structured to drive equitable innovation and  growth? 

    Introduction by: Vishal Wanchoo, CEO OXAGON, NEOM 

    Panel discussion: 

    • Moderator: Vishal Wanchoo, CEO OXAGON, NEOM  
    • Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) 
    • Mark Mathieson MBE, Lead Partner – McLaren Accelerator 


  • If there is one ecosystem that is natural to humans, it is the city. Yet, rapid urbanization  has transformed many global cities into behemoths that fuel overconsumption and wasteful production, social disconnection, suburbanization and inequality. Despite these  major problems, 21st century urban planners, developers, and governments continue to  use an outdated model of city design that does not promote the wellbeing of human inhabitants. This session will discuss how we can completely rethink the way in which  urban centers are designed to ensure a sustainable future for all.  

    • Is there such a thing as sustainable urbanism, or is this just another empty concept  that will allow some people to keep selling the same old city models? 
    • How can cities prioritize economic growth without sacrificing the wellbeing of inhabitants? 
    • What values do we want to embed in the cities we build for the future and how can  they be reflected in urban design?
    • Can we put nature and public services at a walkable distance of every urban resident,  no matter who they are or where they live? 

    Panel discussion:  

    • Moderator: Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development Officer, NEOM 
    • William McDonough, Chief Executive, McDonough Innovation 
    • Martha Schwartz, Founding Partner, Martha Schwartz Partners 


  • The digitization of the production and consumption of culture and media is not new, but  rapidly advancing technologies and COVID have accelerated the shift away from legacy  institutions, forcing producers of culture to reach audiences beyond the confines of buildings.  

    Guiding questions: 

    • How can we create an ecosystem and cultivate an environment for cultural industries  to flourish?  
    • How will industry and creators at large embrace technology to provide the experience  of the future? 

    Introduction by: Wayne Borg, Sector Head Media Industries, Entertainment, Culture &  Fashion, NEOM 

    Panel discussion:  

    • Moderator: Wayne Borg, Sector Head Media Industries, Entertainment, Culture &  Fashion, NEOM 
    • Dominic Audet, Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Moment Factory  
    • Dr. Dava Newman, Director, MIT Media Lab and Apollo Program Professor of Astronautics, MIT 


  • Shifts in culture and technology are reshaping how sports fans consume content and  engage with their favorite teams and players. From augmented reality and blockchain  technologies, to collaborations with leading fashion brands and social media, sports franchises are redefining how they connect with their fans. This session will explore what  NEOM’s plans are in the realm of sports and hear from the leader of an iconic sports  organization in a discussion about the future of the industry. 

    • What are the key technologies that are helping to transform the way that sports fans  consume content and engage with sports franchises, and what types of possibilities could they enable? 
    • How could NEOM approach its sports fans engagement strategy to capture new fans  as well as enhance the experience of existing fans? 

    Fireside chat:  

    • Jan Paterson, Sector Head – Sport and Acting Sector Head – Health & Wellbeing
    • Andrew Lustgarten, President & CEO, Madison Square Garden Sports 
  • Networking Coffee Break

  • With ESG assets valuation expected to reach as much as $53 trillion by 2025—a third of  global assets under management—ESG investing is increasingly influencing capital allocation decisions for investors and firms. This session will explore NEOM’s ESG opportunities and how it will use ESG investment to enable a more equitable and sustainable future. 

    • Why is ESG important for global investors and financial institutions, and specifically for  NEOM?  
    • What advantages does NEOM have over other destinations to become a global platform for ESG innovation? Which NEOM projects or initiatives are most ripe for ESG investing? 
    • How can global investors work with NEOM to advance the ESG sector, and align on  ESG reporting frameworks?  

    Introduction by: Dr. Manar Almoneef, Chief Investment Officer, NEOM 

    Fireside chat:  

    • Dr. Manar Almoneef, Chief Investment Officer, NEOM 
    • Michael Roberts, CEO, HSBC USA and Americas, Member of Group Executive Committee 


  • In building cities of the future, leveraging advanced technology across sectors will be key  to enabling an urban environment that creates new types of experiences for inhabitants in  which their needs are not only met but anticipated. This session will present NEOM’s  cognitive city, a place where fundamental services, from mobility to energy and water, are  connected in a smart way to maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance sustainability. It will also seek to obtain the reactions from industry leaders on the global  trends in smart city development. 

    • What are the major technological trends and innovations that will enable a cognitive  city? 
    • What best practices can NEOM draw on when building smart, human-centric services? 
    • How can NEOM’s blueprint for technology-enhanced, cognitive living support urban  sustainability, equity, and resilience? 

    Introduction by: Joseph Bradley, CEO, NEOM Tech & Digital 

    Panel discussion:  

    • Moderator: Eithne Treanor, Managing Director, E Treanor Media 
    • Joseph Bradley, CEO, NEOM Tech & Digital 
    • Dr. Judith L. Swain, Former Chair of Medicine, Stanford University and Visiting  Professor, National University of Singapore 
    • Dr. Anthony Townsend, Urbanist In Residence, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute,  Cornell Tech 
  • Meeting net-zero requires deep transformation of the economy and industries that can only  be achieved by accelerating innovation, and in particular, scaling up the industrial use of  new technologies. NEOM will be a pioneer in this respect, with its plans to build the world’s  largest green hydrogen project. This session will detail this ambitious project, how obstacles  will be overcome, and what its achievement will mean for the energy sector globally. 

    • What are the key challenges to building a green hydrogen plant at scale and how will  they be overcome? 
    • How will the supply chain underlying green hydrogen production be optimized to reduce  energy loss? 
    • What are the local enablers that make NEOM ripe for such a project?  

    Introduction by: Peter Terium, CEO ENOWA – NEOM’s Energy & Water Company 

    Panel discussion:  

    • Moderator: Peter Terium, CEO ENOWA – NEOM’s Energy & Water Company  
    • Seifi Ghasemi, Chairman, President & CEO, Air Products 
    • Paddy Padmanathan, Vice Chairman & CEO, ACWA Power 


  • Nature loss is a key global challenge, with almost a quarter of the global total of animal and  plant species considered threatened by extinction, according to a UN report. This session  will highlight NEOM’s ambitious approach to nature conservation across land and sea,  which includes a commitment to protecting and restoring 95% of NEOM’s natural environment, and its implications for the planet. 

    • What are the key pillars of NEOM’s nature conservation strategy and what is the plan  for its delivery? 
    • What is needed to go beyond protection to restoration of the environment?  
    • How does uncovering the secrets of the Red Sea support global ocean conservation  efforts more generally? 

    Introduction by: Dr. Paul Marshall, Head of NEOM Nature Region 

    Panel discussion:  

    • Moderator: Zain Asher, Anchor, CNN International 
    • Alexandra Cousteau, Explorer and Ocean Advocate 
    • Dr. Paul Marshall, Head of NEOM Nature Region 
    • Dr. Caleb McClennen, Vice President, Global Conservation Program, Wildlife Conservation Society  



    12:30 Closing Remarks  
    Closing remarks by Nadhmi Al Nasr, Chief Executive Officer, NEOM