A new education benchmark

At NEOM, education is an enabler for economic and social progress and an incubator for innovative ideas and inventions. Beyond critical skills development, NEOM will attract the best local and international minds to join a community that embraces life-long learning where collaboration is key. Learning will be accessible to all residents at the world’s best schools, colleges and universities, research hubs and vocational training centers.

NEOM’s culture values learning, promotes creativity and leverages current technologies to create a new benchmark in critical thinking skills necessary to build community and transform the world. NEOM will drive the global future of education based on six key principles: education should be personalized, immersive, embedded, technically connected, evolutionary and diverse. NEOM strives to do more than use technology; NEOM strives to create the next technology; solve global problems; and conduct research to create a more sustainable, livable future.