Seamless connectivity and sustainable transport

NEOM not only embraces but will drive the future of mobility to provide international, regional and urban connection via sea, air and land. Planning is underway for our port of a globally relevant size to catalyze world trade with NEOM itself, open an intermodal gateway with NEOM’s surrounding region and facilitate cruise tourism to NEOM. NEOM Port will be the world’s most advanced, sustainable and efficient port and logistics zone.

The best possible air connectivity between NEOM and the rest of the world will set a global technological benchmark for an integrated, customer-centric travel experience. It will operate on zero carbon emissions by offset. Our architecturally iconic airport will feature biometric processing to eliminate bottlenecks through a seamless curb-to-gate experience. We will stand as a world reference for safety, security and environmental compliance in manned and unmanned air traffic management.

On land, NEOM is planning for innovation in high-speed transit and on-demand shared mobility, enabled by autonomous solutions and ubiquitous digital infrastructure. The livability of our urban environments will prioritize walking, cycling and personal electric mobility devices. These will be on an urban scale, effortlessly enhanced by access to high-speed, backbone public transit services connecting all neighborhoods.

We are developing the world’s first intelligent and autonomous supply chain to enable the seamless management of goods for NEOM’s residents and industries. NEOM will orchestrate everything using AI and will be a preeminent global hub for the world’s trade flows. NEOM will sustainably lead innovation across all modes and be a global living laboratory for the future of mobility.