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We call ourselves “dreamers and doers” for a reason: we can make happen not just what is possible, but what is impossible. We are collaborating on fresh ideas and new solutions in our engine room of creativity and innovation.

By becoming part of our team at NEOM, you will join other top talents in their fields from all over the world. These visionary minds and adventurous spirits were drawn by the chance to make history in creating the place of the future from the ground up.

Photo of Amin Bukhari
NEOM offers huge opportunities in different sectors and industries in a futuristic and innovative environment

Amin Bukhari

HR Executive Director

Photo of Muna Khris
NEOM is an inspiration to the next generation in any aspect you can think of

Muna Khris

Senior Manager, Digital Efficiency & Innovation

Photo of Aouatif Lotfi
We have a world of opportunities to make a difference, every day

Aouatif Lotfi

Consumed Water Director

Working in NEOM

Because of its sweeping scope, NEOM offers career opportunities in a wide variety of industries, with development programs that range from internships to coaching for senior staff, enabling our diverse workforce to learn and thrive.

A job at NEOM is a chance to live in the “new future” that we are now building, a multicultural community surrounded by the spectacular nature that makes it such a rare playground. As embodied in the ideals of Vision 2030, we are striving to make NEOM a place of exceptional livability and sustainability, with leading-edge technology and a thriving business environment.

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The most ambitious project in the world calls for the world’s most ambitious people. The work you do here will have a lasting impact not just on how we live our lives, but on the future of the planet itself. If you believe in building a better world and have something to contribute toward it, then you could find yourself among the pioneers who are making their home with us in NEOM.


NEOM offers the chance to work on the world's most ambitious project. Our Graduates Opportunities in Work (GrOW) program offers not only full-time employment, but also immersive training and extensive professional development resources. We are accelerating the growth of tomorrow's changemakers.

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