Social Responsibility at NEOM

Accelerating human

NEOM’s ambitious approach to social responsibility is a commitment to become the leading light with how organizations support its people, wider communities and entire economies. Through widespread initiatives and large-scale collaboration, NEOM, alongside key stakeholders in 14 key sectors, will accelerate economic growth and improve standards of living.

The Vision and

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    To lead the future of socially responsible communities.

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    Sustaining widespread social practices and initiatives, that identify, and address stakeholders’ needs proactively in a manner that considers and accelerates socio-economic participation and elevates the quality of life.

Our tracks

  • Accelerating Progress

    NEOM is developing the communities of the future and accelerating progress with targeted programs providing the tools, skills and training to ensure their success and catalyze economic prosperity.

  • Embedding Value

    NEOM SR is applying strategic engagement approaches to embed long-term sustainable values and practices within its communities to ensure that our young global generation adopt and carry these altruistic values well into the future

  • Enhancing Quality of Life

    NEOM is enhancing the quality of life for its communities, which include creating employment opportunities, improving physical and mental health, providing quality education and nurturing a safe and secure environment

NEOM SR Reports

NEOM SR reports helps to realize NEOM's commitment to social responsibility and the sustainable development of communities and the environment. Through a human-centered approach, NEOM is striving to create a global model for economic, social, and environmental sustainability to foster meaningful impact at scale.


SR Key Figures

  • 1,082


  • 7,110

    Volunteering hours

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  • 61,430


  • 2,084

    Social Employment E-platform job opportunities

  • 610

    Soft Skills students

  • 2,526

    CV and Interview trainees

SR Core principles

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    NEOM unites a diverse mix of people, charities, ideas and organizations to compound the benefits provided to the general public.
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    All of NEOM’s energy directed towards CSR is focused on helping people through sustainable economic development.
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    The CSR team is dedicated to making a real difference, directing projects that add real value.
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    NEOM is proud to share the benefits that are being realized in areas that need it most.
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    NEOM champions the importance of being ethical to ensure that the impact of CSR is widespread.

Making a
difference in Tabuk

NEOM has been championing positive change in the region of Tabuk, through a commitment to supporting initiatives driving social change with a positive economic impact. 

Strategic objectives

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    Accelerating Economic Diversification

    One of NEOM's ultimate goals is to diversify the Saudi economy, and the Social Responsibility department plays a crucial role in achieving this objective. All initiatives and programs are designed to expedite social and economic diversification at all levels, either directly or indirectly.

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    NEOM was established on a sustainable foundation, and one of the strategic objectives of the Social Responsibility department is to promote long-term values. Our focus is consistently on supporting and sustaining NEOM's growth and principles rather than pursuing short-term gains.

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    Through our social activities, we can form partnerships with organizations to maximize our impact on local communities. Organizations and individuals who share common interests and values with NEOM present an opportunity for social responsibility.

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    One of our foremost priorities is to empower the future community and individuals through a series of diverse activities. We aim to provide comprehensive support and enhance their skills through learning and coaching opportunities.

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