It’s not only about having fun. In NEOM, entertainment and culture are meant to be transformative. By integrating innovative technologies and ideas from around the globe, NEOM envisions the experiences of the future, where hyper-personalization and sensory wonderment will take center stage.

our goals & objectives

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    Lay down the basis for NEOM’s cultural identity, with creativity as a main pillar

    It’s been said that creativity spawns more creativity. By becoming a destination for world-class entertainment and year-round programming, NEOM plans on becoming a vibrant city that boosts social integration, social values and cultural promotion.

  • 02

    Evolve into the sustainable-fashion capital of the world

    Water-optimized cotton crops. Investment in vegan fashion. Reduction of discarded products. Sustainability in the fashion industry is within reach, and NEOM plans on developing its potential with the help of innovators and startups.

  • 03

    Become a destination for local and international tourism

    By delivering immersive, tailored attractions and programming, NEOM will build its very own brand of entertainment, helping to attract residents and tourists alike.

  • 04

    Create a new export industry based on the development of intellectual property

    NEOM’s creative industries will be an essential part of livability, but they can also serve as unique economic opportunities. By debuting innovations locally, the city creates intellectual property that can then be exported globally further ahead.

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Our people

NEOM Entertainment and Culture is bringing together creative minds from around the world to redefine how audiences interact with new experiences that spark the senses and transform the community.

  • Wayne Borg

    Wayne Borg

    Managing Director, Media, Entertainment and Culture