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"NEOM’s premier coastal region of Magna is a treasure of tomorrow, steeped in natural beauty and advanced technology. Aligned with our three pillars of redefining business, conservation, and livability, Magna will play a key role in building a strong tourism ecosystem within NEOM. Importantly, Magna will contribute positively to the national economic diversification efforts and to the broader Saudi Vision 2030 goals, helping to position the Kingdom as a global leader in luxury tourism."

NEOM Chief Executive Officer

Nadhmi Al-Nasr

Satellite View of the MAGNA Region
Satellite View of the MAGNA Region in a darker shade


A premier destination set along some of the world's most beautiful coastline, Magna will be a new region from NEOM that defies imagination.


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A premier destination set along some of the world's most beautiful coastline, Magna will be a new region from NEOM that defies imagination.


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Hear from the Experts

  • Jeremy Lester

    Jeremy Lester

    Magna Executive Director

    The design integrity of Magna starts and finishes with the breathtaking natural environment. The magnificent homes, out-of-this-world architecture, sublime experiences and exhilarating cultural programming are delicately interwoven into the fabric of the natural landscape.

    An interview with Jeremy Lester

    1. Could you map out where Magna sits in the grand vision for NEOM and how integral it is to the success of the project?
      Magna is and will always be like nowhere on earth, a new world destination of breathtaking natural beauty and bold architecture, technology and innovation. A place the world has never seen before. Home to just 14,500 residents, Magna will welcome discerning visitors and guests to come and experience the magnificent surrounding and exceptional lifestyle. And Magna is a celebration of the broader ambitions of NEOM. Our care for the environment, progressive lifestyle, opportunities for learning, wellbeing and self-improvement – and technology applied to transform livability and experiences.
    2. What are the world firsts that your team is working on, given that Magna is aiming to redefine the luxury living and travel experience?
      The design integrity of Magna starts and finishes with the breathtaking natural environment. The magnificent homes, out-of-this-world architecture, sublime experiences and exhilarating cultural programming are delicately interwoven into the fabric of the natural landscape. This rarely visited stretch of coastline offers an amazing backdrop to visit, live and raise a family. Our ambitious conservation and rewilding programs will enhance and beautify the marine and landscapes: replenishing fish stocks, replanting corals, rejuvenating natural habitats and reintroducing native species. Additionally, the landscape will be protected, even enhanced, with 95% of the land reserved for nature and benefitting from our rewilding of native animals and regreening. The actual development itself will be low density with a ‘rough luxe’ approach, meaning beautiful architectural moments will sit against the backdrop of rugged and dramatic nature. The two will complement each other in much the same way that colorful works of art sit within a neutral but elegant art gallery.
    3. What will the connectivity to other parts of NEOM and Saudi Arabia look like – besides the amazing destination, what other experiences and locations will residents be able to enjoy?
      Magna will warmly welcome residents, visitors and guests from around the world to enjoy the peaceful serenity of the breathtaking landscapes. Meanwhile, close by and easily accessible through an impressive transport network will be The LINE plus Trojena, Sindalah and others. Each offering their own very special characteristics, experiences and sense of vibrancy.
    4. Can you talk a bit about the nature conservation approach you will adopt, especially with the majestic mountains and wadis, crystal clear coastal waters and untouched coral reefs in mind?
      We are blessed with the nature we have inherited and as a result we are placing a very light footprint amongst the landscapes. This is a nature conservation area with programs which encourage, improve and enhance the wellbeing of our coral, marine life, vegetation, wildlife – and our people. Nature doesn’t understand physical boundaries. So we need to embrace it, preserve it and even go beyond by regenerating it using technology and our regreening and rewilding programs, as well as protecting and supplementing the amazing coral reefs here. We want this to be seamless. Magna is rich in terms of wildlife habitats and plant life. It is taking away those unnatural pressures on the environment that have depleted it over the years and returning it to its former glory; allowing nature to flourish. It means we will see the return of Ibex, Oryx and the majestic Arabian Leopards; allowing the natural environment to flourish once more. In addition, the way we manage and reuse water will be key. This is a truly exciting vision to be working towards.
    5. Would you be able to map out the masterplan – it includes 14 hotels and resorts, plus mansions, villas, apartments, as well as superyacht marinas and yacht clubs, right?
      Again, the landscape is the tapestry for the master plan across this raw and dramatic natural coastal stretch. We want to delicately place into that a series of fantastic moments that range from beautiful private homes to lovely hotels and resorts, as well as some micro communities. Around the hotels and resorts, there will be a whole variety of other adventure activities like diving, sailing, mountain biking, climbing and hiking. It will be a unique location offering the broadest array of leisure, active, adventure and extreme sports. Yet, beyond the extensive range of experiences on offer, everything will really focus on the majestic landscape surrounding you and the sense of wonder about such a spectacular environment. On top of that, it is again about the dynamism of the spaces. A hotel is not just for guests, it’s somewhere for the whole community to come together – so it will be able to host different activities. We might have a five-day fashion show, for instance, where the first day is in a resort. The second is in the marina plaza. The third day is in somebody’s private home. The fourth day is in the mouth of the wadi [mountain valley]. And the fifth day is deep inside a mountain. It’s about combining man-made spaces and the magical natural landscapes of the region.
    6. Perhaps you could tell us more about the architecture and the vision?
      We’ve created an extraordinary architectural language, which is both futuristic and complementary to the natural landscape, to create ‘wow’ memories. The structures don’t need to blend with the landscape because there are not too many actual buildings. To give you an idea, the private mansion homes are at least half a kilometer apart from each other and in some cases three kilometers apart. Therefore, each design has the freedom to make its own statement, not conforming to anything other than the natural environment that frames it.
    7. There is so much interest in and excitement around NEOM, but there is always a small percentage of naysayers with any large-scale projects. What would you say to those who have yet to be convinced?
      In life, you always have those people who are believers, pioneers and early adopters. You can see work underway at The LINE, Sindalah, Oxagon, Trojena and indeed at Magna already – a bold vision being brought to reality. At the end of the day, we will deliver the most livable destination with out-of-this-world experiences and architectural masterpieces integrating nature with technology and the built environment. As the project unfolds, more and more people will see the vision materialize, and like-minded individuals will intuitively understand its worth. Also, our work on the digital twin over the next couple of years will really unveil Magna like never before. This technology will allow you to visit the place virtually and see every detail – not just the physicality of it, but also all the experiences. It will change the game.
    8. The combination of luxury, rugged nature, unique experiences and world-class architecture at Magna is compelling. Why has nobody ever built a destination like this before?
      You can see micro examples of this rough luxe happening in different parts of the world. However, there isn’t anywhere else with this majestic undiscovered landscape and marine life. Nobody has been here before due to the remote geographical location in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. Plus, the scale of the place puts Magna in a different universe; this a one-in-a-generation leap. There is no legacy limiting our thinking, we have this blank sheet of paper to get creative with. It is rudimental in every essence of this project to take a generational leap, one that is future- proofed and will see Magna thriving for generations to come. Intrinsic to the region are the technologies used to transform livability, experiences and design beyond their time. All set against a backdrop of the broadest array of leisure, active, adventure and cultural experiences. We are redefining boundaries between the physical and the social, setting benchmarks and inspiring design philosophies using the natural environment to inspire our futuristic design concepts.
    9. Saudi Arabia is now one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a young population and a visionary leader looking to position NEOM at the forefront of growth. How exciting is it to be a part of this new future?
      More than anything, it's a huge privilege to be part of this and to have the unwavering support and inspiration of the Kingdom’s leadership in what we're doing. Our Chairman and Board challenge us to go even further than our imagination has already taken us. On the Magna team, we have some of the most interesting minds in the world from a wide variety of backgrounds. The culture at NEOM is truly collaborative in a way I’ve never experienced before anywhere else. We all understand that no one person has all the answers. The sharing of knowledge, ideas and networks is without parallels.
    10. Could you tell us a bit more about your own profile and career – and why you decided to join NEOM?
      I started my career in the airline industry, moved to hospitality and leisure and from there into real estate investment and development. My work has allowed me to gain experience across Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. I have always worked for leading international companies and am privileged to have been invited to join NEOM in early 2020, to lead the MAGNA team.
    11. How is life at NEOM for you on a daily basis?
      It is all of the things that people said it would be. The openness, the learning and the collaborative environment that is totally new. The opportunity to work with some of the most talented people from around the world. Yes, it is really hard work because what we are doing is tough. If it was easy, somebody else would be doing it already. It’s been such a pleasure to build a team of like-minded individuals, who are as motivated and enthusiastic as I am to deliver something that the world has never seen before. We have here a community of exceptional believers and when you have that, then anything is possible.
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Our People

Magna’s industry-leading experts are creating a destination like nothing on Earth, embracing natural beauty and bold architecture through progressive technology and sustainable approaches.

  • Jeremy Lester - Executive Director

    Jeremy Lester

    Executive Director

    A globally-recognized leader, Jeremy Lester has over 40 years of experience in real estate and development. He has held executive leadership roles at multinational firms across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

  • Marc Cote - Chief Development Officer

    Mark Cote

    Chief Development Officer

    During a 30-year career in real estate, Mark Cote has held senior executive roles and led numerous large-scale developments, ranging from commercial projects to visionary new communities. He has also been a director across private sector and non-profit organizations.

  • Michael Vaughan Johns

    Michael Vaughan Johns

    Sales & Marketing Executive Director

    Michael Vaughan Johns has 35 years of experience in the United Kingdom and China's real estate industries, working across development, transaction structuring, corporate administration, sales and leasing. He is a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

  • Elizabeth Wheaton - Environment, Sustainability & CSR Director

    Elizabeth Wheaton

    Environment, Sustainability, & CSR Director

    Elizabeth Wheaton specializes in implementing climate adaptation and mitigation programs in world-class communities. Under her leadership, the City of Miami Beach became a model for urban resilience and environmental management.

  • Romeo Cuter

    Romeo Cuter

    Strategy & Performance Management Director

    With 20 years of experience in finance, travel, hospitality and real estate, Romeo Cuter has worked with multinational firms including Ford Motor Company, Exxon and Colliers International. He has an excellent track record in growth, transformation and strategy.

  • Martin Griffin - Finance Director

    Martin Griffin

    Finance Director

    With 25 years in financial services, Martin Griffin has worked at PwC, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets and Barclays Bank. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the Chartered Institute of Building.

  • Mathiew Savaris - Chief Legal, Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer

    Mathieu Savaris

    Chief Legal, Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer

    Mathieu Savaris has 30 years of experience steering global businesses through legal, governance, risk and compliance challenges - working with GE Power and Dentons. He holds degrees from McGill, Paris Panthéon-Assas and IESE Business School. He is licensed to work in five countries.

  • Matthew Austin - Program Director

    Matthew Austin

    Program Director

    With 30 years of experience in property and construction, Matthew Austin has worked on the design and development of major building and infrastructure projects. His career has taken him to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Derek Rossel - Development Director

    Derek Rossel

    Development Director

    With 25 years in real estate development, investment and asset management, Derek Rossel has led the creation of large-scale high-value mixed-use projects worldwide. He has worked for several global companies including Westfield, Hines, Lendlease and Emaar Properties.

  • Mark Kennedy - Design Director

    Mark Kennedy

    Design Director

    Mark Kennedy has been an architect for more than 20 years, working for Bechtel on several high-profile projects in Europe and the Middle East. His technical knowledge, design ability and attention to detail ensure his projects are of the highest quality.

  • Bernhard Stocker - Concept & Detailed Design Director

    Bernhard Stocker

    Concept & Detailed Design Director

    Having directed design work globally across high-performing, large-scale residential and hospitality projects Bernhard Stocker has worked for renowned firms including Hans Hollein, Richard Meier and SOM. He studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology.

  • Emyr Rowlands - Infrastructure Director

    Emyr Rowlands

    Infrastructure Director

    With over 25 years in infrastructure design, management and construction, Emyr Rowlands has worked with global companies including AMEC, Hyder Consulting, Atkins and Mott MacDonald, delivering some of the largest infrastructure projects in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

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Tourism and Nature

A new benchmark for sustainability in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Magna will be limited to 5% of the land for development. The region will protect, preserve and regenerate the landscapes in which it sits – and ensure the wildlife is returned to its past glory – for tourists, residents and guests to enjoy forever.