The future of Education,
research, and innovation

The future of Education, Research, and Innovation

NEOM is establishing a human-centric and interconnected education, research, and innovation ecosystem that inspires fluidity in thinking from cradle to evolving career, by providing life long learning opportunities through personalized development, research, and active industry integration.

Sector Pillars

Human-Centric and
Interconnected Ecosystem

  • Early Childhood to grade 12

    Early childhood to grade 12, education institutions will have world-class programs designed around experiential learning and next-gen tech.

  • NEOM U

    NEOM U, our first university, will be a preeminent research institution and a vibrant foundry of next-gen education and technology, empowering students to be tomorrow's leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • Talent Academy

    NEOM’s Talent Academy will support ongoing professional development through upskilling and lifelong learning opportunities.

  • Education, research, and innovation foundation

    The Education, Research, and Innovation Foundation will drive the NEOM R&I ecosystem to tackle key global challenges.


  • Vibrant Communities

  • Fluidity and Adaptability

  • Ecosystem for Impact

  • Pioneer a Sustainable Future

  • Vibrant Communities

    Vibrant Communities


    NEOM is establishing a world-class education, research, and innovation ecosystem bringing together the world's greatest minds to co-create a vibrant, diverse community to drive progress, pilot new ways of living and focus on solving the world’s biggest challenges. NEOM U will be an engaging, learning environment that builds community, drives continuous pan-discipline innovation and impact, and fosters knowledge and skills for the future workforce.
  • Fluidity and Adaptability

    Fluidity and Adaptability

    Empowering New Ways of Thinking

    NEOM is designing, from a clean slate, an ecosystem that will blend personalized and lifelong learning with future-focused research and innovation. The university will empower new, agile ways of thinking and doing that global challenges demand. NEOM will connect the world's most curious and entrepreneurial minds who are open to opportunities and challenges, and are determined to succeed.
  • Ecosystem for Impact

    Ecosystem for Impact


    NEOM is building a living lab where education, research, and innovation meet real world needs and challenges, driving positive impact for people and planet. Our interconnected knowledge ecosystem, powered by dedicated funding and research infrastructure, will bridge gaps between education and jobs of tomorrow, research and industry, and ideas and real-world applications.
  • Pioneer a Sustainable Future

    Pioneer a Sustainable Future


    NEOM is the largest sustainable development in the world. It is powered by 100% renewable energy and 95% of the land is protected for nature. At NEOM, we are focused on solving the planet's toughest challenges including ocean sustainability, green energy, and the future of urban living.



Photo of Dr Andreas C. Cangellaris
NEOM will become a destination famed for advancing the frontiers of learning. Our education and research facilities will stand out as a beacon of the commitment to a living laboratory, crafting a sustainable future for all.

Dr Andreas C. Cangellaris

Founding President, NEOM U

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Our people

The Education, Research, and Innovation Sector aims to both transform education into a lifelong experience that utilizes cutting-edge, high-tech, personalized learning and professional development resources, and create a vibrant research and innovation ecosystem, empowering societal progress and economic development.

  • Dr Andreas Cangellaris

    Dr Andreas Cangellaris

    Founding President, NEOM U

    An expert in computational science and electronic design automation, Professor Andreas Cangellaris has spent the last 25 years at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where he occupied top leadership roles, most recently as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Provost.

  • Dr Donal Bradley

    Dr Donal Bradley

    Executive Director, ERI Foundation

    A distinguished applied physicist, consultant, deep-tech entrepreneur, and academic leader, Professor Donal Bradley is recognized for his pioneering research and innovation, and for being a changemaker at leading institutions, including Imperial College London and the University of Oxford.

  • Richard Marsh

    Richard Marsh

    Director, Talent Academy

    Richard Marsh has over 20 years of experience in vocational training and development. He ran the leading apprenticeship program in the UK Financial Services sector and has developed educational policy for the UK Government. At NEOM, he leads our work to create the future of workforce development.

  • Christopher Tompkins

    Christopher Tompkins

    Executive Director, K-12 Education

    Christopher Tompkins has 33 years of experience as an accomplished educational leader, teacher, fundraiser, speaker, and author at independent and international schools in the USA, Latin America and the Middle East.

  • Dr Justin Mynar

    Dr Justin Mynar

    Executive Director, NEOM U & Research Programs

    An academic and administrative leader with over 16 years of experience, Justin Mynar has worked in internationally acclaimed educational institutes worldwide, applying remarkable business and technical skills in an innovative, practical and commercial way to build outstanding facilities and teams.


  • Today's education systems are not keeping pace with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its transformation of the world. Globally, there is a gap between skills and digital- and technology-driven market needs. Traditional education systems are not able to support at scale personalized upskilling and life-long development. Innovation became more fragmented than ever before, whilst the key global challenges urgently need effective solutions.

  • The NEOM Education, Research, and Innovation Sector is creating a fully integrated and functional education ecosystem. From early childhood to grade 12 high to university to vocational training to continuous professional development throughout an evolving career. An ecosystem that embraces learning and innovation to better the world, lifelong learning and professional development opportunities will be provided at scale, because they are essential to personal fulfillment, prosperity and economic development.

  • NEOM's ERI Sector aims to establish a world-class education, research, and innovation ecosystem that inspires and empowers the best minds: technology to better the world, innovation through the "lab of the future", and life-long personalized development.

  • We believe that, going forward, no career or vocation will be possible without an understanding of how advances in science, technology, computing and AI are transforming every aspect of our lives and can advance the world's wellbeing and prosperity. Our educational approaches will emphasize personalized development through inquiry-based, experiential learning that transcends disciplines, build on design thinking and understanding of the impact of technology and AI on our lives and the world. This will provide opportunities for real-world problem solving to foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • NEOM U will prioritize class offerings for professionals being recruited by the Sectors and industries of NEOM, and for graduate students who are being recruited by NEOM U faculty to pursue research as masters and doctoral students. Also, we plan to start engaging with students interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies at NEOM U by offering them a variety of innovative programs that provide them with opportunities to start experiencing and benefiting from NEOM U’s unique approaches to teaching and learning even before our facilities are ready.

  • The Talent Academy will be ‘demand-led’ and its curriculum will respond to the economic needs of NEOM. However, it is already clear that the core course areas will include topics such as digital capability, data-led management and the green-energy industry.

  • We will build the vibrant Education, Research, and Innovation ecosystem with a high density of talent and ideas, to drive continuous innovation and economic development, and provide next-generation technologies and the workforce NEOM needs to thrive as 'the land of the future.'

  • Yes. The Talent Academy will feature a uniquely flexible learning model, designed to fit around busy lives. Suitable for career starters and apprentices as well as experienced professionals requiring further support and development.