The world’s biggest project needs some of the world’s most talented people. That's why the NEOM leadership team consists of innovators and visionaries who do things differently.

  • Nadhmi Al-Nasr

    Nadhmi Al-Nasr

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Rayan Fayez

    Rayan Fayez

    Deputy CEO

  • Jassir Al-Jassir

    Jassir Al-Jassir

    Chief Governance, Risk and Compliance Officer

  • Dr Manar Al Moneef

    Dr Manar Al Moneef

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Dr Mahmoud Alyamani

    Dr Mahmoud Alyamani

    Health, Well-Being, and Biotech Sector Head

  • Wayne Borg

    Wayne Borg

    Managing Director, Media Industries

  • Joseph Bradley

    Joseph Bradley


  • Richard Bush

    Dr Richard Bush

    Chief Environment Officer

  • Jason Davies

    Jason Davies

    Chief Internal Audit Officer

  • Niall Gibbons

    Niall Gibbons

    Head of Tourism

  • Denis Hickey

    Denis Hickey

    Chief Development Officer, THE LINE

  • Michael Lynch

    Michael Lynch

    Entertainment & Culture Sector Head

  • Dr Paul Marshall

    Dr Paul Marshall

    Head of Nature Region

  • Majid Mufti

    Majid Mufti

    NEOM Investment Fund CEO

  • Jan Paterson

    Jan Paterson

    Head of Sport

  • Roberto Penno

    Roberto Penno

    Chief Projects Officer

  • Stefan Ricketts

    Stefan Ricketts

    Chief Legal Officer

  • Peter Terium

    Peter Terium


  • Dirk Vanschependom

    Dirk Vanschependom

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Vishal Wanchoo

    Vishal Wanchoo


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