NEOM will build an integrated health, well-being and biotech ecosystem that goes above and beyond traditional medical care — an unparalleled end-to-end system entirely centred on the individual. With world-class treatment and inclusive care, NEOM will harness innovative technology, research and education to become a global benchmark in the field.

our goals & objectives

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    Provide a comprehensive experience throughout the entire care process

    In order to create the world’s healthiest place to live, NEOM's healthcare ecosystem will offer holistic patient care, with high-end technologies to ensure full integration between medical specializations and seamless access to patients' histories.

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    Support individual empowerment and proactive prevention

    Making primary care a priority, NEOM will give individuals the tools they need to take control over their own health and well-being. Put simply, it will reduce the need for urgent medical attention while ensuring easy access to first-rate medical treatment.

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    Design a digital-first ecosystem that’s available 24/7

    Powered by high-end technologies, NEOM envisions having always-on healthcare at your fingertips. The Dr. NEOM system will connect you to a virtual physician for real-time assessments while offering "digital twins" for residents to track their own health.

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    Spearhead genetics as the future of personalized care

    NEOM will invest in a new form of patient engagement. Driven by AI and data science, a high-end healthcare system will employ biotechnology such as genomics and genetics. Through detailed assessments and individual-centric journeys, NEOM will create an advanced model of care.

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NEOM Health and Well-Being will pioneer healthcare by implementing groundbreaking systems, regulations and infrastructure. NEOM's experts are at the forefront of the shift toward human-first medical treatment.

  • Dr. Mahmoud Alyamani

    Dr. Mahmoud Alyamani

    Health, Well-Being, and Biotech Sector Head

    With more than 20 years in neurosurgery and healthcare administration, Dr Mahmoud Alyamany was previously King Fahad Medical City CEO. He also sits on the Saudi Ministry of Health board and has worked on governmental health transformation programs. He is an adjunct professor at McGill University.