Leading wholistic care and digital health technologies

NEOM is creating a whole new integrated health and well-being ecosystem in one place in an end-to-end system, never done before it’s starting right here, at NEOM.

NEOM will lead the world in health and well-being by creating an environment that optimizes healthy lifestyles, focusing on proactive personalized prevention and world-class treatment of diseases. NEOM’s integrated person-centered health ecosystem will incorporate the latest technological advancements in healthcare and biotechnology.

Dedicated digital infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with genetic and smart technologies will offer real-time assessments and ‘digital twins’ for each resident.


What NEOM will do

A network of global experts and distinctive centers of excellence will rapidly adopt best practices, providing high-end medical treatment, complemented by the comprehensive wellness services offered at medical resorts. By harnessing the latest industry thinking and medical innovation, our unique design will ensure high quality of life for residents and visitors, while also attracting medical tourists seeking first-class medical treatment.

NEOM will have a multi-specialty, state-of-the-art smart hospital in a hub and spoke model. Each spoke will include a smart infrastructure, humanistic design and automated services.