February 26, 2023

NEOM Meets with industry leaders in the Eastern Province to showcase investment opportunities

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 26 February 2023 –The Discover NEOM KSA tour arrived in the Eastern province today (February 26), following its successful opening run in Jeddah. The region forms the second leg of the nationwide tour that is seeing NEOM’s top management meet with prominent entrepreneurs, business leaders and investors to showcase the latest developments in NEOM’s projects and to highlight the immense investment potential it holds, both now and in the future.

NEOM is seeking to establish strong ties with key stakeholders in the Eastern Province because of its economic significance, capacity for investment and unique tourism attractions, in addition to being a major industrial, manufacturing and logistics hub. The region is also a vital contributor to the global oil and petrochemical industry and a platform attracting large business ventures, with its seaports and strategic location spurring growth across a number of primary sectors in the Kingdom.

During the visit, NEOM CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr said: “Since its announcement, NEOM has been attracting leading companies from around the world to invest in its various sectors, such as energy, water, tourism, manufacturing, sports and media, and to take part in its construction and infrastructure development. Today, more investment opportunities at NEOM are on the horizon and we are welcoming local investors and national companies to join us in building the largest and most ambitious urban development project in the world.

“In our meetings with local companies and investors, we are introducing NEOM’s vision and strategic objectives. We are outlining a new model for exceptional livability and thriving businesses that redefines sustainability and develops key economic sectors in line with Saudi Vision 2030, in addition to showcasing the rapid progress that NEOM is undergoing.”

Commenting on the tour, NEOM Deputy CEO Rayan Fayez said: “Our tour in Jeddah was an immense success and saw significant engagement during our meetings, which were attended by numerous entrepreneurs, investors and top executives from national companies who learned about the array of investment opportunities that NEOM presents. NEOM is committed to collaborating with national companies and driving local investment to help build a global project that will serve as an economic engine contributing to the growth of the Kingdom’s sectors, while promoting a high quality of life and exceptional livability.”

The Discover NEOM KSA tour is set to wrap up in the Kingdom’s capital Riyadh, with its primary objective to bring attention to NEOM’s tangible progress and its importance within Saudi Vision 2030. With its growing capabilities, NEOM aims to accelerate human progress by attracting the brightest minds from Saudi Arabia and the world, serving as an economic engine that contributes to the Kingdom’s non-oil GDP, as well as creating thousands of job opportunities in an environment that offers exceptional livability, adopts the highest sustainability practices and conserves natural resources.