July 26, 2023


Billed as upscale serviced apartments at the heart of the city’s first residential community,
Kerten Hospitality’s House Residence concept will enable visitors to experience Oxagon’s new model for urban living

Dublin, Ireland – 26 July 2023: Kerten Hospitality will enter its House Residence brand in Oxagon, home to advanced and clean industries in NEOM. This move will further Kerten Hospitality’s ambitious expansion across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The upscale 200-unit serviced apartments, at the heart of Oxagon’s first residential community, is set to open its doors in 2025.

Reimagining the traditional industrial city, Oxagon is creating a new paradigm for urban living. Offices, world-class recreational and sports facilities, next-generation mobility solutions, and unique hospitality and retail concepts are all seamlessly integrated within communities, in harmony with nature.

Marloes Knippenberg, CEO of Kerten Hospitality, said, “We are envisioning a transformation in the concept of living. The House Residence in NEOM's Oxagon is more than just a project - it's a statement of intent to catalyze the evolution of our habitats, foster thriving communities, and redefine the human experience. Our alliance with NEOM at Oxagon marks a crucial step as we contribute to the extraordinary transformation of Saudi Arabia. As the nation unfolds its tourism potential, we stand on the brink of a new era of global exposure. NEOM is set to be the beacon guiding this transformative tide, and our aim is to anchor the vibrant communities being built in Oxagon."

Vishal Wanchoo, CEO of Oxagon added, “One of the many reasons we’re excited about working with Kerten Hospitality is the way they interact and work with local talent and entrepreneurs to curate experiences and innovations tailored to our future residents. We feel that The House Residence concept embodies the neighbourhood atmosphere and lifestyle from the integration of F&B to advanced technologies, that’s core to the mixed-use residential communities we're building here at Oxagon.”

Chris Newman, Executive Director, NEOM Hotel Development, commented: “The concept of successfully combining traditional hotel stays with a longer residential component is exemplified in Kerten Hospitality’s portfolio. And this approach, when underpinned by the group’s stellar reputation for delivering service that is unmatched both in quality and warmth, perfectly aligns with the target audience for Oxagon, many of whom will be seeking an experience that captures the spirit of community living.”

NEOM, located in Saudi Arabia’s northwestern region, is anticipated to become a global leader in sustainable urban living and enhanced livability, standing out among the country’s key giga-projects. Upon completion, NEOM will be fully powered by clean energy, utilizing renewable resources such as solar, wind, and green hydrogen-based energy.

In May 2023, the Ireland-based Kerten Hospitality Group announced 'The Collective' in Saudi Arabia. This initiative unites several projects from the group across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, signifying a combined investment of SAR 1.5 billion. As a premier lifestyle hospitality company, Kerten Hospitality is not only dedicated to introducing new projects but also to fostering collaborations with investors and government bodies. These endeavors serve to boost local communities and reflect the group's significant commitment and investment in Saudi Arabia's hospitality sector.