NEOM and Drive Butler Collaboration

October 31, 2023

NEOM collaborates with Dive Butler International to offer premier aquatic and diving experiences at Sindalah

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, October 31, 2023 – Sindalah, NEOM’s luxury island destination, is proud to announce its new partnership with premium dive experience provider, Dive Butler International. With Sindalah set to be the first of NEOM’s regions to welcome guests in 2024 the partnership with Dive Butler ensures that all visitors will have a truly luxurious Red Sea experience, both above and below the water.

Dive Butler will operate a five-star PADI dive center and provide a selection of activities to fully explore Sindalah’s marine environment, ranging from snorkeling to sunset cruises. In line with NEOM’s vision, sustainability will be at the forefront of the operation. Dive Butler will operate electric and hybrid vessels using only environmentally friendly moorings and lead dives at some of the 100-plus sites identified as ecologically viable for visitor use.

This unique corner of the Red Sea offers an exclusive marine destination for guests. It is home to over 1,100 marine species, 15% of which are endemic. Larger species, such as dugongs, turtles and dolphins are often spotted in Sindalah’s waters.

NEOM’s Chief Urban Development and Islands Officer, Antoni Vives, said: “We look forward to introducing the world to Sindalah, a stunning and unexplored island rising out of the majestic waters of the Red Sea. We are proud to collaborate with Dive Butler International to provide our visitors with the opportunity to explore the marvels of Sindalah’s waters and facilitate unique experiences across a multitude of marine activities. Sindalah, located in the north of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline, will offer the world a new destination for sustainable and cutting-edge underwater exploration activities all year round.”

Founder of Dive Butler International, Alexis Vincent, said: "The Red Sea is one of the most spectacular diving destinations in the world and we are thrilled to offer our expertise to help guests discover the wonders of this incredible marine environment. All Sindalah guests will have access to unique underwater excursions tailored to their preferences, ultimately giving them the best of marine exploration experiences."

The facilities and vessels in Dive Butler’s fleet are designed with accessibility in mind, allowing guests with diverse abilities to explore Sindalah. As the primary gateway for yachts arriving from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea, vessels visiting Sindalah will also have the opportunity to experience the diving and water sports services on offer.

On the island, a refined and luxurious destination is currently under construction, with three premium hotels, diverse dining venues, avant-garde retail spaces and incomparable leisure facilities set to open during 2024.

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