December 25, 2022

NEOM empowers 600 students to unlock future career opportunities

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, December 25, 2022: NEOM CSR, the Corporate Social Responsibility department of the ‘land of the future’ taking shape in northwest Saudi Arabia, has launched a specialist training program to empower a new generation of students.

Organized in partnership with KEYSS Project (Knowledge Exchange for Youth Supporting Society) and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, the National Program for Community Development (Tanmiah) and non-governmental organizations, the initiative has been established to enable students in the NEOM and Tabuk region to reach their full potential.

Targeting 600 male and female students, including high school students from the NEOM and Tabuk area and freshman students from the University of Tabuk, the eight-week program aims to assist young people to pursue their college education with confidence and prepare them for impactful careers post-graduation.

With the support of 50 teachers and advisors, the students in the program will be guided to the most relevant and sought-after majors that align with the future job market and encouraged to explore their personal strengths through interactive meetings that foster self-learning. As part of the initiative, a guidebook on tactical decision-making on the professional, academic and personal levels will be distributed to participants.

Empowering a new generation through education is at the heart of NEOM’s social responsibility efforts, in line with Saudi Vision 2030 and the Human Capability Development Program. NEOM has launched several educational initiatives since its inception, including a scholarship program with 379 beneficiaries to date, English language programs and career-building opportunities.