NEOM and MDL Beast set luxurious beach club

February 14, 2024


Exclusive music and culture experiences will be on offer at the luxury island as of 2024

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Feburary 14, 2024 – NEOM has announced an exciting partnership with the Saudi music entertainment company, MDLBEAST, to open an ultra-modern beach club on NEOM’s luxury island, Sindalah.

The Sindalah Beach Club will offer year-round premium experiences to a diverse range of audiences brought together by their love of music and culture. MDLBEAST will handle the end-to-end operations, starting from the preparations during the venue pre-launch to the management of the destination.

A vibrant and glamorous global hub for celebrating cultural diversity and creativity, Sindalah Beach Club will become an ultimate destination for cutting-edge events and immersive experiences. With its expertise in hosting innovative world-class events, MDLBEAST will create a dynamic music scene pulsating with life at Sindalah. World-famous musicians, artists, and DJs will be featured alongside modern audio and visual installations to transform the space into a mesmerizing entertainment hub.

Chief Urban Planning and Islands Officer at NEOM, Antoni Vives, said: “Sindalah is bringing a new model for luxury travel and living powered by innovation and sustainability. MDLBEAST will reimagine the typical beach club experience into a tech-enhanced journey, leveraging the value of Sindalah as an iconic luxury island destination.”

Echoing Sindalah’s commitment to responsible luxury and aligning with NEOM’s broader vision for the future of sustainable tourism, the club will balance exceptional experiences with environmental preservation. Its architecture will seamlessly blend with the natural environment, creating a minimal ecological footprint while enhancing the aesthetics of the pristine location.

Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST, commented: "Joining forces with NEOM and Sindalah Island marks a pivotal moment in redefining the beach club experience. At Sindalah Beach Club, MDLBEAST ignites an unparalleled energy, infusing vibrancy through our curated music programming while meticulously shaping every facet of the club—be it cuisine, beverages, or panoramic scenes and design detail. Beyond hospitality, our collaboration embodies the essence of MDLBEAST, breathing new life into this iconic destination.”

Visitors to the club will have a complete waterfront experience, enjoying the charm of the Red Sea with poolside lounging and access to the club’s pristine beach. Luxury seekers will relish next-level premium experiences, with exclusive VIP areas, a signature retail venue and lavish F&B offerings.

As the first of NEOM’s assets to be unveiled, Sindalah will begin welcoming guests in 2024 to enjoy the signature experiences and various activities it offers.