July 12, 2023

NEOM Partners Employment Forum 2023 aims to unlock 1,500 job opportunities for local talent

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, July 12, 2023: The second edition of NEOM Partners Employment Forum gets underway today at Tabuk University, with the two-day event bringing together 20 major local and international companies from NEOM’s top partners involved in its various projects and sectors.

The forum will see more than 1,500 job openings for local young talent from the NEOM and Tabuk regions who have successfully completed the registration process based on an evaluation to match their skills and backgrounds with available opportunities.

Aiming to attract young people with potential who can take part in building the new future and contribute to NEOM’s development, the event has been established to provide prospective employees with the opportunity to apply for positions offered by leading local and international companies involved with NEOM. The job seekers will be able to submit their applications directly at the forum, as well as engage in networking activities and meet employers through in-person interviews.

Attendees at the job fair will also benefit from sessions offering tips and guidance on developing professional resumes, excelling in job interviews and seamlessly landing career opportunities at the right place and time. In line with NEOM’s environmental sustainability efforts, all applications and submissions will be processed digitally to reduce the use of paper and preserve natural resources.

Consistent with NEOM CSR strategy’s ‘Enhancing Quality of Life’ track, NEOM is organizing the forum to strengthen its ties with the local community, offer them exceptional livability standards, and develop for them a sustainable and thriving business environment that fosters innovation and supports ambition.

Through its social responsibility strategy and development programs, NEOM continues to empower students, graduates and job seekers, supporting them to achieve their aspirations and unlock their full potential. In turn, NEOM contributes to activating their role in accelerating the sustainable development of communities across its region and the wider Kingdom, in line with Saudi Vision 2030's Human Capability Development Program.

The highly anticipated NEOM Partners Employment Forum follows the success of its inaugural event, which was held in May 2022 and brought together 15 prominent local and international companies. Attended by over 3,500 students, graduates and job seekers, the first edition of the forum brought 1,344 job opportunities and facilitated 1,067 job interviews, of which more than 500 job offers resulted.