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NEOM Beach Games 2022

The natural home for performance

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The future of emerging sports

Sport is an exciting place. We are seeing rapid expansion around the globe, with fresh events and new parts of the world becoming sporting destinations. NEOM is part of this extraordinary evolution.

The NEOM Beach Games 2022, from October 19 to December 9, will offer a truly world-class experience to athletes, spectators, federations and rights holders. Featuring kite-surfing, beach football, mountain biking, triathlons and basketball, plus much more – all hosted in a stunning natural landscape.







  • GKA Kitesurfing

    October 19-23


    The very best professional kite riders will compete in breathtaking competition for the title of GKA Freestyle World Champion and GKA Kite-Surf World Champion.
  • Super League Triathlon
    Super League Triathlon

    October 29


    The world's fastest triathlon series will arrive here, where the top athletes on the planet will bike, race and swim for the Grand Final of the Championship Series.
  • FIBA 3x3 Basketball
    FIBA 3x3 Basketball

    November 4-5


    The world's number one urban team sport. A one-hoop-only series of basketball games, where six players in two teams battle for the ball on a half-court.
  • Beach Soccer Worldwide
    Beach Soccer Worldwide

    November 9-12


    Played around the world, beach soccer is now a hugely popular professionalized sport – with the first-ever FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup held back in 2005.
  • TITAN - Mountain biking
    TITAN - Mountain biking

    December 6-9


    Much more than a mountain bike race, this is four days of endurance across more than 400km with a 3,500m elevation gain. A race for glory like no other.
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GKA Kitesurfing

3x3 Basketball

Beach Soccer





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A world-class destination for emerging sports

  • Unforgettable experience
    Unforgettable experience
    With its best-in-class facilities and untouched landscape visited by few, the NEOM Beach Games 2022 will provide a truly unique experience to athletes, federations and officials.
  • Inspiring talent
    Inspiring talent
    This is a next-gen location and NEOM Beach Games 2022 offers an innovative sporting experience that will leave participants wanting to come back again.
  • Incomparable landscape
    Incomparable landscape
    A natural home for performance, providing stunning backdrops of untouched natural landscapes. We will attract, inspire and enable emerging sports and athletes.
  • Sustainable approach
    Sustainable approach
    This is the start of the development of a wide array of sustainable sports initiatives and will showcase how natural environments can build interest in new ways.




  • Twelve world-class teams put on a spectacular show in @fiba3x3 here at NEOM 🏀✅🏆 Stay tuned for more world class sport as the NEOM Beach Games continue, showcasing #NEOM as a destination for dynamic sport 💪 #NEOMGames
  • The world's number one urban team sport is lighting up the NEOM Beach Games⚡🏀💪 Day 1 was electric. Now it’s all on the line for Day 2, as we’re set for an exciting finale of @FIBA3x3 Super Quest Basketball. #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • One hoop. One half-court. Six fierce players 💪🏀 Tomorrow, the world's number one urban team sport takes over the NEOM Beach Games, with flying dunks and non-stop action set to electrifying music. ⚡ @FIBA3x3 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • A grueling swim 🏊‍ A fierce ride 🚴 A final sprint 🏃‍ Our Triathlon Grand Final has been raced and won 🏆 Check out some of the highlights from the finale of the Super League Triathlon. 💪 @SuperLeagueTri #NEOM #NEOMGames
  • The world’s best triathletes competed in the fastest swim-bike-run series on the planet. @SuperLeagueTri #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • Fast and furious triathletes battle it out in NEOM💪 The world’s fastest swim-bike-run series takes over the NEOM Beach Games tomorrow, with the best triathletes racing for gold 🏊‍♀️🚴🏃‍♂️ Watch all the action tomorrow at 🥇🏆 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • It’s been a spectacular GKA Freestyle World Championship in NEOM 🪁💥💪 Stay tuned for more world-class sport coming soon, as NEOM aims to become one of the world’s premier host destinations 🏊‍♀️🚴🏃‍♂️ #NEOM #NEOMGames
  • They came, they surfed, they conquered 🌊🪁 Our kitesurfing event is over, and what an epic battle it was. Take a look at some of the huge moves that made our event an explosive one 🏄🏽 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • This is getting serious! We’re coming down to the final stages of GKA Freestyle Kitesurfing at NEOM and the action is going to another level. Not long now until we crown the ultimate freestyle kitesurfing champions! 👑 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • GKA Freestyle Kitesurfing is in full flight in NEOM 🪁 NEOM is electric right now ⚡ with the world’s best kite riders competing to be crowned GKA Freestyle Kitesurfing champion 👑 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • The sky’s the limit for Kitesurfing’s superstars in the GKA Freestyle World Championship. 🌊🪁 The competition has been fierce so far, with all riders set on taking out the ultimate freestyle prize 🏆🥇💪 #NEOMGames #NEOM
  • The NEOM Beach Games officially begins tomorrow, and it's kitesurfing that’s getting things started 🪁🌊 NEOM Beach Games will host 40 elite kite riders competing for the GKA Freestyle World Championship from Oct 19th – 23rd along the unspoilt shores of #NEOM. #NEOMGames
  • #NEOM Beach Games 2022 will bring together leading world class sport events with high performance athletes from over 25 countries. Let the games begin. 🪁 🏃 🏀 ⚽️ 🚴 #NEOMGames
  • 💥 Five adrenaline-fuelled sports 🌍 One world-class destination We aim to become an exciting destination for sports. Tune in to the NEOM Beach Games from Oct 19th - Dec 9th. Learn more: #NEOM #NEOMGames



  • The NEOM Beach Games will demonstrate our capabilities and capacity to host major sport events that offer a truly world-class experience to athletes, spectators, federations, and rights holders.

  • Sport is experiencing a historic moment in time, with exciting new formats and events on offer, and NEOM is part of extraordinary evolution. Now is the time to invite the world to experience the future sports capability that will be at its heart.

  • Hosting five fan-focused sports is key to driving the exceptional livability element of NEOM’s vision, reinforcing its ambition to host world-class and dynamic sports and athletes. The NEOM Beach Games will enable sports and athletes to inspire fans around the world.

  • NEOM Beach Games 2022 will take place from October 19 to December 9 across three main locations:

    • Kitesurfing will open the action with the Qatar Airways GKA Freestyle World Cup NEOM, which takes place at Gulf of Aqaba.
    • The Super League Triathlon NEOM will see the best triathletes on the planet compete at the scenic Ras Al-Sheikh Hameed.
    • Both the NEOM FIBA 3x3 Super Quest 2022 and NEOM Beach Soccer Cup will be held at the Beach Games Hub.
    • The event will finish with the NEOM TITAN DESERT – held throughout the region - dubbed the toughest mountain bike race in the world.
  • Over 300 athletes will participate across the five sports.

  • Athletes from more than 25 countries will compete at the NEOM Beach Games 2022.

  • NEOM Beach Games 2022 are the second edition of the NEOM Beach Games, and NEOM's aim is to develop the Games into an annual event.

  • Each sport will attract significant international coverage with broadcast an live stream details to be announced shortly.

  • Attendance at this year's edition of the NEOM Beach Games will be limited to athletes and organizers, however fans and enthusiasts can follow the action through live streaming and results.

  • NEOM’s pioneering ideas, unbridled imagination and unique vision set it apart from other sporting events, and there is sufficient space in the sporting calendar to accommodate a variety of events, such as NEOM Beach Games 2022.