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Enabling disruptors to revolutionize global supply chains

Operated by global venture accelerator Brinc, our program provides unparallelled support and resources to propel your business into an investor-ready powerhouse.


  • Scale-up companies – Series A or higher
  • Businesses working on developing MHU innovation, pick & pack robotics, train loading and unloading, vertical distribution, smart locker and last mile delivery.

NOTE: Candidates will be required to travel to Oxagon for portions of the program to work with our experts in order to develop, refine and pilot-test your pioneering solution.

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    Be part of shaping the future of global supply chain and logistics through our Research and Innovation ecosystem.

    Whether you're increasing operational efficiency with smart logistics, or boosting business by improving organizational resilience, we nurture and empower entrepreneurs within an environment built to live-test your solution at scale.

    Work with world-leading industry experts at Oxagon who can help create your proof of concept, refine your product, and scale your innovation.
    The Oxagon × McLaren Accelerator program gives you access to the network you need to scale up your company.

    Some of the world's most inspiring minds and forward-thinking talents are converging to construct the future of advanced and clean industries, one which will influence the way business is operated globally.

    The Oxagon × McLaren Accelerator provides you with the unique opportunity to be part of this ambition, where your innovation can impact industries and economies across the region and beyond.
  • Develop your solution together with our SC&L team
    Our Supply Chain and Logistics team is creating a fully automated and integrated next generation supply chain network for NEOM.

    While shaping up supply chain operations, the team is tackling unique innovation challenges: MHU and asset tracking, pick & pack robotics, freight loading and unloading, vertical distribution, smart lockers and last mile delivery.

    The best fit scale-up company will have the chance to join our Supply Chain & Logistics team to further develop its technologies and solutions, all while pilot testing them in real-life operations.

STRENGTHENING our partnership


The aim of our program is to enable you to level up your innovation and scale your business. Learn from experts, such as our partners at McLaren Racing, through tailored culture and process workshops; a technology masterclass at the McLaren Technology Centre (just outside London); and one-on-one mentorship sessions with your teams.




Workshops and one-on-one mentorship sessions that will be personalized for each team. Also, weekly inspiration meetings with industry leaders



Showcase and pitch your idea, its capabilities and planned market growth to a select group of industry experts, investors and corporates



Selected shortlisted companies will be required to visit Oxagon to further develop their concept with our supply chain experts, who will also facilitate pilot testing and access to investors
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Meet the experts you'll be working with

  • Jan-Willem Adrian

    Jan-Willem Adrian

    Executive Director of Supply Chain & Logistics

    With more than 22 years' experience in the supply chain industry, Jan-Willem Adrian is leading NEOM's Supply Chain & Logistics unit. He has worked at multinational companies such as Bain, DHL and NUPCO – the latter having helped distribute Saudi Arabia's COVID-19 PPE and vaccines.

  • Lisa Norcross

    Lisa Norcross

    Industrial Innovation Director

    Lisa has 27 years' experience in operations, leadership and transformation across Europe, the US and Asia. She previously worked for E.ON, McKinsey and Ford. She is establishing a research and innovation campus for developing industrial businesses at Oxagon – from labs to market.

  • Mark Ireland

    Mark Ireland

    Manufacturing Technology Director

    Mark joined McLaren Accelerator as Manufacturing Technology Director having built a career in research and development. Mark is passionate about technology transfer to reduce time, cost and risk. Mark’s role is to help McLaren and our partners push the boundaries of Manufacturing Technology.

  • Nawaz Sumar

    Nawaz Sumar

    Chief Engineer – Data, Simulation & Modelling

    As Chief Engineer at McLaren Accelerator, Naz boasts a wealth of experience from his 20 years at the company. He was race strategist for Lewis Hamilton before moving to the application of aerodynamics. As Head of Application Engineering, Naz drove software and data science innovation.

  • James Passemard

    James Passemard

    Associate Director

    A manufacturing engineer by profession, James has more than 20 years’ experience with automotive OEMs and as MD of a management consultancy. He is passionate about McLaren Racing and wants to inspire our partners' employees to deliver transformational change in their organizations.

  • Paul Ryan

    Paul Ryan

    Director of Customer Solutions

    Paul is responsible for driving customer centricity within the supply chain and logistics function by supporting customers in delivering sustainable and automated solutions. Paul previously led the global customer relationship strategy with one of the world’s largest supply chain organizations.

  • Mitchell Hawkins

    Mitchell Hawkins

    Interface Automation Design Manager

    With 10 years' experience working on automated equipment projects for global port and logistics operators, Mitch is developing leading-edge automation solutions to achieve the NEOM supply chain and logistics vision here in Oxagon.

  • Iurii Nazarkin

    Iurii Nazarkin

    Head of Operations – Innovation

    Now developing Oxagon's Research and Innovation Campus services, technologies and start-ups accelerators, Iurii Nazarkin previously worked as Operational Vice President for E.ON and major consulting firms in Europe across the energy, manufacturing, construction and mining sectors.

  • Ahmed Basingab

    Dr. Ahmed Basingab

    Innovation Programs Delivery Manager

    With a solid educational background and more than 12 years' experience in entrepreneurial ecosystems and corporate entrepreneurship, Dr. Ahmed has developed a deep knowledge of growing and operating projects and businesses related to the entrepreneurs' journeys.

  • Levi Lewandowski

    Levi Lewandowski

    Brinc Accelerator Program Manager

    Levi started his career in sales and marketing for Boeing before becoming an entrepreneur, developing and building numerous brands. Now as Program Manager at Brinc Accelerator he specializes in international business, operations and marketing, and has mentored a plethora of entrepreneurs since 2019.

  • Hala Ebrahim

    Hala Ebrahim

    Brinc Accelerator Director

    Hala is a seasoned professional in strategic development and investor relations with more than 16 years' expertise in strategic communications, project management and consulting. She's particularly well-versed in the areas of startup development, ecosystem building and early-stage investment.

  • Nick Ramil

    Nick Ramil

    Brinc Accelerator Strategic Advisor

    Nick is a serial entrepreneur with one exit and one acquisition on his record. He is a founding partner at Brinc – a venture accelerator with over 300 investments in its portfolio. He has been mentoring, coaching and investing in startups since 2012.

  • Prajakt Raut

    Prajakt Raut

    Co-Founder of Supply Chain Labs

    Prajakt is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Supply Chain Labs – a fellowship fund focused on supply chain, warehousing and logistics in India. He has over 30 years' experience as an entrepreneur, startup eco-system builder, mentor and angel investor.

Our Partners


  • This is a 12-week program that equips participants with the knowledge, resources, network and business resilience to test and deploy their solutions across NEOM's Supply Chain and Logistics ecosystem. Oxagon’s expert partners will offer personalized advice and technical knowledge in order to help companies integrate their solutions across the development. In the long-term, these integrated solutions and technologies will also have wider market entry and commercialization opportunities across the Kingdrom, region and beyond. Best-fit companies will be offered up to six months’ additional integration after a successful Demo Day pitch

  • There will be three months of training and mentorship before the program’s final Demo Day. Following this, participants whose innovations are best tailored to accelerate our ambitions will be invited to participate in the next level of the accelerator program. This involves a further six months of integration and mentorship, including up to four weeks spent in Oxagon with our supply chain experts who will help identify POC opportunities, facilitate access to international and regional investors, and secure piloting and test agenda.

  • Applications can only be made by following the link on this page, as shown above. Once applications close, selected teams will be invited to meet our Program Managers and complete further due diligence questions. They will then be invited to attend a panel interview with our investments committee. Following this interview, we will shortlist our top teams and may request additional supporting documents to help our final decision-making. The entire selection process will take around one month from the close of the applications. If you're not chosen for this selection, there will be more opportunities in the future.

  • While our chosen Accelerator companies will be invited to visit NEOM to explore the region and meet Oxagon experts, we do not require in person attendance for the Accelerator program. This is a virtual program, however companies will be requested to participate in a few in-person events in Europe and the Middle East.

  • While all companies will be considered, we are seeking Series A (or similar) companies with a stellar track record and a deployable solution that appeals to the Supply Chain & Logistics Team at Oxagon.

  • Yes, this is a global program.

  • This is an equity-free program, however participating companies will have access to POC and post-program funding opportunities from the investment networks of both NEOM and its partners. Admitted start-ups may be eligible to receive product development grants from NEOM.

  • No, there is no cost to your company to apply or participate in the Accelerator.

  • All applicants will be contacted no later than March 14, 2023, and will be notified as to whether they have been accepted or rejected.

  • The program kicks off with a virtual session on April 10, 2023.

  • While the main language used will be English, not every member of your start-up team is required to be fluent. It is advised that at least one team member or co-founder is able to converse in English.

  • No, but we prefer team members within the specialized areas to attend the sessions, and founder/co-founders to attend the in-person events.

  • Based on further discussions with the supply chain team, we would expect companies to deploy their solutions with the Oxagon team in person at the conclusion of the program.

  • Yes, all expenses for these events – including travel – will be covered.

  • Careful consideration will be given to evaluate each company’s alignment with the Accelerator mission objectives – its technology readiness, growth potential, manufacturing expertise and compatibilities of the management team.