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A stunning private space where the sea, mountain and wadi meet. This effortlessly chic destination will harmoniously blend nature and standout architecture. Siranna evokes a sense of romance, offering tranquil seclusion in an environment that fosters original thinking and relaxation.


    An idyllic and inspiring setting with serenity guaranteed. Guests will be able to indulge in a personalized retreat, with all that Siranna has to offer. This will include a signature beach club, state-of-the art wellness facilities and sophisticated dining – plus nature trails to be discovered on foot or horseback.


    This ultra luxury hotel offers an unparalleled hideaway on the magnificent Gulf of Aqaba. The service will be impeccable, affording you more time to unwind, escape and make the most of Siranna's striking facilities. Each pool provides a breathtaking view of the bay, leading to a golden, private beach.


    The towering, rich stone of the hotel is beautifully carved into the mountainside. The lines will be blurred between whether you're inside the mountain or the building. Siranna will provide the ultimate opportunity to disconnect and unwind.


    Within the cove will be a rich world of offerings. Visitors can experience fine dining in a setting like no other, witness showstopping performances at the Ampitheatre, and marvel at art installations throughout. This unique location will showcase some of the most talented designers and artists.

Siranna is an example of NEOM’s uncompromising efforts to create spaces in nature that support sustainable future living and nurture creativity, while offering the ultimate luxury hospitality experience.
An overview of the main attractions of Siranna

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NEOM will be like nowhere else on Earth. A new precedent for the protection, preservation and regeneration of nature. A biodiverse destination creating a world-changing model for regenerative tourism.