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Cocooned in a mountain, this immersive destination will combine natural beauty and cutting-edge technology to create the theatre of the future. A magnificent garden promenade will lead to a grand hall that will host unforgettable multi-sensory experiences by the world's greatest artists.


    Utamo will revolutionize the events landscape with exclusive, one-off performances that push the limits of possibilty. Guests will be fully immersed in the worlds of music, art, fashion or theatre in a manner and setting that's never been seen before.


    This state-of-the-art venue will bring art to life with vibrant, high-tech experiences for a global audience. Innovation is at the core of the programme, which brings never-before-seen digital enhancement, hyper personalization and show-stopping formats to every event.


    Utamo will showcase multi-sensory formats that enrich the mind, body and soul. The perfect blend of innovation and intimacy, Utamo will offer an elevated platform for a romantic piano recital, a lively concert, a trend-setting fashion show and more. The only limit is imagination.


    More than an arena, Utamo will offer the chance to witness the greatest global talents in a historic setting carved into the mountainside. Enter through a tranquil garden that transforms into an illuminated artwork at night and discover a new world woven into the heritage of the Gulf of Aqaba.

A theatre of the future where reality and the digital realm converge, Utamo will host events that redefine the benchmark of entertainment. Its multipurpose performance space, VIP lounges and signature restaurants will make it one of the world’s most exclusive event spaces.
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Tourism and Nature at NEOM

NEOM will be like nowhere else on Earth. A new precedent for the protection, preservation and regeneration of nature. A biodiverse destination creating a world-changing model for regenerative tourism.