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An oasis nestled among the rocky landscapes on the Gulf of Aqaba coastline, Xaynor will be the epitome of secluded luxury that will redefine the standard by which private beach clubs are measured. A haven for relaxation and social connection in a stunning setting.


    A private beachfront setting offering unparalleled comfort and unprecedented access to an untouched portion of the Gulf of Aqaba coast. Its unique blend of spectacular design and superb location will stand Xaynor head and shoulders above its peers around the world.


    Designed to merge seamlessly with the coastal landscape, mirroring the wadis native to the Gulf of Aqaba region. The spectacular canopied entrance will guide visitors down a pathway lined with a flowing pool and native flora, bringing them to the pristine water’s edge.


    Offering the finest options in luxury amenities and personalized experiences, curated by premium brand partners. The club’s ultra-chic boutiques, world-class spa, wellness center and signature entertainment venue will provide a choice of activities that complement the relaxing atmosphere.


    When the sun sets, guests will be able to enjoy panoramic coastal views as they dine at specialty restaurants or dance the night away at the signature nightclub. Xaynor will offer a truly unique entertainment space, setting the scene for memorable celebrations and performances.

Positioned as the epitome of ultra-chic beach resort luxury, Xaynor is dedicated to crafting unforgettable moments that redefine exclusivity in a natural setting. Sensitively merging indoor and outdoor spaces, it will stand as an icon of delicate elegance along the Gulf of Aqaba's shores.
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