A restorative nature and wildlife retreat

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A sanctuary designed to unite visitors, nature and wildlife in perfect harmony. A carefully restored haven, it will immerse visitors and extend seamlessly from the majestic mountains to the sea.


    Perched above the crystalline waters of the Gulf of Aqaba, Zardun will embrace the essence of an Arabian oasis. Surrounded by breathtaking beauty, the rejuvenating resort will offer an unparalleled ecotourism experience with panoramic views across the expansive landscape.


    Our three signature boutique hotels will merge harmoniously with the surrounding environment. Each will embody a distinct theme and bring to life the vision of a more sustainable future. Visitors can expect luxurious stays with unrivalled natural vistas.


    A journey of discovery will unfold across the desert, valley and coastline. From trekking and rock climbing to stargazing and yoga, curated activities will foster a profound connection with nature. Education programs on rewilding, nature protection and conservation will deepen this connection.


    This remarkable place will actively support the vibrant ecosystem with a project that will regenerate the coral reef and restore the landscape by reintroducing native plants and animals such as the Arabian oryx. More than just a retreat, Zardun will be a committment to conservation.

Intended to redefine luxury within an environmental context, Zardun aims to offer the ultimate premium ecotourism experience for discerning guests. Covering an impressive four square kilometers, Zardun will be a carefully restored haven filled with native plants and animals.
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Tourism and Nature

NEOM will be like nowhere else on Earth. A new precedent for the protection, preservation and regeneration of nature. A biodiverse destination creating a world-changing model for regenerative tourism.