Unrivalled future energy system

NEOM’s climate provides unrivalled complementary solar and wind profile and through competitively priced renewable energy, we will build new industries and drive the next wave of the energy transition by producing green hydrogen (H2).

Leveraging low cost of clean energy and a carbon-free energy ecosystem from scratch, NEOM plans on developing energy intensive industries with potential to front global trends.


What NEOM will do

NEOM will build a 100% renewable energy system and establish a world-class customer experience. It will develop a smart transmission and distribution network with the latest and most advanced technologies. We will strive to become the world leading in commercializing clean energy intensive industries, such as Green Hydrogen.

In addition, NEOM aspires to be the breeding ground for start-ups and establish an innovative ecosystem, by integrating R&D, education and investments.

NEOM will be the world’s most advanced energy hub and the first at-scale fully renewable energy system.