The world’s best water technology

Located on the Red Sea with more than 450 km of coastline, NEOM has a vast supply of seawater. With extensive access to low-cost, renewable energy and the Kingdom’s vast domestic desalination expertise, NEOM has a unique competitive advantage.

It aims to be a global powerhouse in water production and storage, and a center of excellence for global water technology, fully integrated along the value chain and anchored on water desalination. This will attract water-related research companies and start-ups, drive innovation and champion all elements of the water industry.


What NEOM will do

Using water in a sustainable manner is a key component of NEOM’s livability goals. NEOM’s water will be 100% desalinated using renewable energy to ensure zero CO2 emissions, and zero brine effluent discharge to preserve the pristine environment. Full seawater processing will produce minerals and chemicals from the brine.

All wastewater in NEOM will be fully processed to generate energy, fertilizer and reusable fresh water for irrigation. This will achieve zero waste and a full circular economy for water and wastewater.

NEOM’s water distribution network will be completely connected through advanced IoW (Internet of Water) infrastructure to ensure minimal water loss. It will be a reference to share with the world, putting NEOM at the forefront of water technology by building interoperable, modular systems.

NEOM will be a regional powerhouse in water production and distribution, and a center of global water technology.