Social Responsibility in Tabuk

How NEOM is making a
difference in the Region of

NEOM has been leading initiatives across the region of Tabuk, cultivating positive social and economic impact, whilst offering skills development and career opportunities to help the community of the future. Through this support, NEOM will be able to champion and foster Saudi talent and drive sustainable economic growth.

  • NEOM Scholarship

    Meet Mohra and Anas, two successful students of the NEOM scholarship program, both fostering sustainable solutions for a brighter future.
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  • Empowering

    Meet Adel and Nawaf, two individuals who are driving economic growth through effective event planning and production services.
    csr empowering entrepreneurs
  • Employment

    Meet Athba and Suiwelem, two unique and inspiring examples of diverse talent making a difference in HR and operations.
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THE NEOM CSR Report 2022

NEOMs 2022 CSR report helps to realise NEOMs commitment to social responsibility and the sustainable development of communities and the environment. Through a human-centered approach, NEOM is striving to create a global model for economic, social, and environmental sustainability to foster meaningful impact at scale.

Hearing from the citizens of Tabuk

As part of the initiative, NEOM went to the streets of Tabuk to hear about the impact the organization is having on its citizens.

csr citizen tabuk

Initiatives at NEOM