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December 27, 2023

ESTIDAMAH and TOPIAN sign MoU to promote sustainable agriculture in Saudi Arabia

  •  ESITIDAMAH and TOPIAN, the NEOM Food Company, will collaboratively promote and improve sustainability in the Saudi agricultural sector.
  • The first project will evaluate the most economical vegetable crops in KSA at ESTIDAMAH, commencing January 2024.
  • The partnership supports TOPIAN's mission to create a sustainable, efficient, and innovative food production system, enhancing food security and resilience in the Kingdom.

Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 27 Dec 2023 – The National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture (ESTIDAMAH), a leading agricultural research center based in Riyadh, has today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TOPIAN, the NEOM Food Company, to develop and promote sustainable agriculture in the Kingdom.

In a mutually beneficial partnership, the agreement will see TOPIAN access ESTIDAMAH's expertise, ongoing research projects, network of farmers and industry leaders, as well as the center’s crop-management and engineering support. In return, ESTIDAMAH will draw on TOPIAN’s knowledge to explore sustainable farming methods and the latest international agricultural innovations.

The first project under this agreement will see several variety evaluation trials conducted, where multiple variations of a crop will be grown alongside each other to understand the most economical vegetable crops in the Kingdom. The project will start in January 2024, with a goal to screen premium taste and quality of hydroponic growing crops for future production in NEOM. In addition, TOPIAN and ESTIDAMAH will engage in cooperative educational and research activities, creating internships and sharing agendas, knowledge, and ideas. They will also develop water and energy-efficient greenhouse technologies adapted to desert environments.

Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Al Soqeer, General Director of the National Research and Development Center for Sustainable Agriculture (ESTIDAMAH), said: "Our goal is to enable the agricultural sector in Saudi Arabia to be a part of the next big leap in modern agricultural technology through research and advanced practical solutions to develop, improve, and apply sustainable practices within the Kingdom. We are pleased to partner with TOPIAN and look forward to forging a close relationship, exchanging ideas, and furthering our understanding of modern agricultural technologies for the region's greater good."

Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, Chief Executive Officer of TOPIAN, said: “TOPIAN represents a bold new future for food, built on sustainability and innovation. Our partnership with ESTIDAMAH is a major step towards achieving our goal of redefining the ways we produce, distribute, and consume food. Together with ESTIDAMAH, we will introduce modern, breakthrough technologies that will ensure optimal use of natural resources and help achieve food security for future generations in KSA. This partnership is also another showcase of our work toward realizing the Saudi Vision 2030 sustainability goals.”

With a shared vision to ensure sustainable food practices across the Kingdom – from developing modern agricultural technologies to promoting circular-economy principles to maximize the value of water and minimize food waste – this exciting partnership between TOPIAN and ESTIDAMAH is set to redefine Saudi Arabia’s food systems, from farm to fork.