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State-of-the-art TV and film production facilities including purpose-built sound stages complete with back-of-house facilities, set production offices, construction warehouses, prop shops, wardrobe, SFX facilities and backlot space to support complex set builds.

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    Untouched white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, with stunning mountain and desert backdrops
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    Vast desertscapes with sweeping sand dunes, completely unlike anywhere else in the world
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    Epic ranges with snow-capped mountains in winter, sweeping valleys and towering rock formations
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    Iconic structures and landmarks unique to NEOM, providing a range of stunning backdrops
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    State-of-the-art production hubs featuring purpose-built sound stages with full support capabilities
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What the industry says

Jeremy Bolt, Desert Warrior Producer
At NEOM, we are not reliant on CGI because it’s a real oasis. Surrounded by the most phenomonal mountain desert landscape I've ever seen.

Jeremy Bolt

Desert Warrior producer

Fred North, Stunt Motion Picture Pilot
It's important that we show the world what Saudi Arabia has to offer. It's massive. There are so many landscapes, so many things to show. In NEOM you can find almost any landscape you would find somewhere else. In one place you have all the countries we are usually going to.

Fred North

Stunt motion picture pilot

Ruth Sessions, Director of Productions -Sandstone Global Productions
Our crew has just returned from a very successful filming trip to the amazing historical sites of Ancient Arabia. The NEOM Media Team’s Production Team provided exemplary professional support to our team every step of the way. They arranged fantastic access for us to sites that have been inaccessible to most for decades, arranged excellent suppliers for Drone and Underwater filming and they provided brilliant expert location support on the ground. It has been a very happy and productive production collaboration.

Ruth Sessions

Director of Production, SandStone Global Productions

Ziad Kebbi, CEO- Blue Engine Studios Executive Producer, Million Dollar Land
The second we started our recce, we were blown away by the scenery and the variety in the landscape of NEOM. Bajdah caught our hearts and when we arrived there we knew immediately that this is location where need to film the first season of Million Dollar Land especially with the visual diversity it offered. In no time our production crews, technical teams and set building teams were on the ground preparing for the start of one of the biggest reality shows ever filmed in the region with the facilitation and support of the international production team in NEOM. What an amazing adventure and experience!!! Can’t wait to film again….”

Ziad Kebbi

CEO, Blue Engine Studios Executive Producer, Million Dollar Land

Ian Dray, Producer of Rise of the Witches
Working with NEOM during Rise of the Witches was a powerhouse of a partnership. Their ability to understand, visualise and supply what the production required was unparalleled, and the support on a daily basis superb. Rise of the Witches was the biggest MBC TV show that has shot entirely in the region, and without NEOM, we could never have undertaken that kind of commitment.

Ian Dray

Producer of Rise of the Witches

Rasha AlEmam, Head of Production MBC STUDIOS KSA and Desert Warrior Film Producer
Bringing the biggest international feature film to the region has been a journey and having the support from NEOM in bringing our film (Desert Warrior) to life has been extremely valuable on many fronts. We went to battle together and came out as family, a family of warriors. We have become true partners. The incentive for filming in NEOM was above expectation, not only financially but also technically and from an operational standpoint providing support on the ground on a daily basis.

Rasha AlEmam

Head of Production MBC STUDIOS KSA and Desert Warrior Film Producer

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NEOM's Media Village


We are open for business with market-leading production incentives. Find out more about NEOM’s Media Village and Bajdah Studio sound stages, 40%++ cash-rebate scheme, world-class facilities and stunning locations. Check out the full details below.

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Our people

We’ve assembled a seasoned world-class team of international production industry professionals, who understand what producers and crew need.

  • Sam Pantos, Operations Manager

    Sam Pantos

    Operations Director

    Sam Pantos oversees the development of NEOM’s advanced media production infrastructure. Having worked for Sony Pictures, Endemol Shine Group and Fox Studios, he has more than 15 years of experience successfully delivering multi-million dollar projects.

  • Siobhan Berry, Director of Production

    Siobhan Berry

    Director of Production

    Siobhan Berry oversees production in NEOM. She brings a wealth of global experience having led teams at Foxtel in Australia, Red Bull Media in Austria and Discovery Channel and National Geographic in Singapore. Siobhan has also successfully launched a studio and TV channel in Afghanistan.

  • Tobin Hughes, Location Manager

    Tobin Hughes

    Locations Manager

    Tobin Hughes oversees the development of filming locations in NEOM. He has worked on franchises all over the world – including Mission Impossible, Wonder Woman, Fast and Furious, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Stanley Kubrick’s final ever film Eyes Wide Shut.

  • Elloise Matthews, Locations Manager

    Elloise Matthews

    Locations Manager

    Elloise Matthews has worked in the film industry for over 20 years. As one of only two female location managers in South Africa, she specialized in ads and documentaries for brands such as Nokia, Mazda and Pepsi. She also worked for the BBC at the 2010 World Cup and on several Bollywood blockbusters

  • Barbara Stetic, Studio Operations Manager

    Barbara Stetic

    Studio Operations Manager

    Barbara Stetic oversees operations of the NEOM Media Village and Bajdah Studios. Prior to NEOM, she managed the largest film studio in Southeast Europe for 16 years, served on Serbia’s Film Commission board and has a wealth of experience in government affairs, communication and management.

  • Irene Proimos, Line Producer

    Irene Proimos

    Line Producer

    Irene Proimos has been a line producer in the Middle East for 15 years. With a unique understanding of aerial filming, she brings a wealth of knowledge to NEOM. She’s worked on the multi award-winning show The Amazing Race, as well as Desert Warrior – the biggest film to have shot in the region.

Connect with us

Connect with us


If you are looking to film at NEOM – or you would simply like to receive updates on our progress – then reach out to us now.