Creating the world’s healthiest, most active population

Sport is a tool for positive social change like none other. It has the ability to break down social barriers greater than governments and inspire a completely inclusive society. NEOM will be a global hub for sport, uniting its communities, shaping its healthy lifestyle and contributing to its innovative economy.

With world-leading, hyper-flexible facilities, NEOM will attract the world’s best athletes whilst inspiring inhabitants to be the healthiest in the world. NEOM will provide a launchpad for the latest adventure sports and become a capital for e-sports.


What NEOM will do

NEOM will celebrate sport’s positive contribution to society and enhance the quality of the region’s livability. NEOM will, through innovation and technology, create a sustainable culture of sport that benefits all.

NEOM will provide state-of-the-art training facilities for residents, high performance athletes and visitors. A network of top-tier community sports zones in urban, beach and mountain locations will be open to everyone.