At NEOM, we share a robust set of Values and standards that inform everything we do


  • Nadhmi Al- Nasar, CEO of NEOM



    Dear Colleagues, Stakeholders, Partners and Future Employees: At NEOM, we are 'dreamers and doers.' Making our dream a reality isn't just about doing what is impossible, it's also about doing what is right...

    1. While we seek to establish a turning point in our relationship with technology and the world around us, we need to remember that future generations will measure our success not only by what we achieve, but also by how we achieve it. As NEOM grows, and the number of those sharing in our dream increases, this way of working needs to be defined and set out clearly, so that it can be understood by everyone. Our Code of Conduct was created with exactly this aim in mind: reflect our vision of NEOM and represent our exceptional standards and values. It sets out what we expect of those who work for and represent NEOM, including its subsidiaries and people. At its core, our Code speaks to the responsibilities everyone at NEOM has to act with honesty and integrity. I am grateful to all who participated and were involved in the conception, development, and refinement of this important document. Our Code offers us solid foundations from which we must build. Demonstrating our high standards of ethical conduct and integrity set out in our Code will empower you with confidence and inspire those you work with to do the same. As our bold vision becomes a reality, we must make the principles of our Code, together with our Values, a part of our daily working lives. This means making use of the range of further information, resources, and points of contact to which our Code of Conduct guides us. Importantly, it also means speaking up when we encounter behaviors or business decisions that do not align with the Code. By modeling our ways of working on the NEOM Code of Conduct, we can ensure that our dreams are not only achieved but also achieved in the right way. Nadhmi Al-Nasr


We are proud of our NEOM Values and how they inform the expected behaviors we ask everyone at NEOM to uphold. Our Values support the standards set out in our Code of Conduct and help provide guidance for actions and behavior during any interactions with NEOM. When taken together, our Values and our Code of Conduct will provide guidance to direct and inform decisions in a number of the key ethical areas that may be encountered while working at, or with, NEOM. The actions of our team should always support the following NEOM Values:

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    We do what hasn’t been done. We share an endless ambition to make a difference, embracing new challenges to create something special and leave a legacy.

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    We aspire to leave our environment better than we found it. We act responsibly, encouraging a culture of honesty, integrity and ethical sustainability.

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    We challenge the norm and look for better ways to work. We stay restless and enthusiastic to the cause, with a strong urge to explore, discover and grow.

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    We are 100% committed and always finish what we start. We approach every day with energy, never thinking small, and we strive to deliver desired outcomes.

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    We act with honesty and integrity and treat everyone with the utmost respect. We are authentic, kind and compassionate, always showing a willing to help.

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    We are better together. We embrace cultural differences, encourage debate, collaborate and seek to understand differing points of view with an open mind.



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    At NEOM, we're attempting to do something that has never been done before. But it’s not just about doing what is impossible, it’s also about doing what is right. Our Code of Conduct sets out the principles and behaviors we expect from those who work for and with us, so that together we can make NEOM’s vision a reality.