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    NEOM House at Davos 2024

  • NEOM × World Economic Forum

    Addressing Global Challenges

Collaborating with the World Economic Forum

NEOM is a proud partner of the World Economic Forum and is committed to addressing important global challenges in order to secure a better future for all. Through centers, communities and initiatives, NEOM is working alongside the World Economic Forum to develop progressive solutions for society.


NEOM House at
Davos 2024

NEOM is a strategic partner associate of the World Economic Forum. Davos was an opportunity to reflect on the positive steps that have been taken to mitigate global challenges, while building the foundation for further collaboration among business leaders and governments.

A partnership in action

Our Work

  • Centers

    NEOM is working with four centers to foster global cooperation: Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains; Center for Cyber Security; Center for Energy and Materials; Center for the fourth industrial revolution.

  • Communities

    From metaverse governance to media, sport and entertainment, NEOM is engaged with twelve WEF communities to address key issues and amplify efforts to drive change.

  • Initiatives

    In partnership with the WEF, NEOM is running five workshops and projects under the initiatives pillar; including bridging the cyber skills gap and cyber resilience in manufacturing.

NEOM × World Economic Forum

Discover more about our partnership work on the World Economic Forum’s website.

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