seawater Desalination plant
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Global leader in renewable powered desalination and brine processing to achieve zero waste residuals

Our desalination facility will supply the entire NEOM region. The project will be delivered in three or more stages with an initial capacity of up to 333,000 m3 per day, a second phase of 333,000 m3 per day, and a third phase delivering a total capacity of 1,000,000 m3 per day. NEOM plans to use advanced reverse osmosis membrane and hybrid technologies achieving >60% recovery, efficiencies and cost reductions integrated with brine processing and achieving ZLD

Neom launches the Line


NEOM’s Innovation Hub will house Centers of Excellence focusing on applied and commercial research for water specific R&D projects. Right now, we’re focusing on renewably powered advanced desalination of seawater, zero waste and recycled water reuse. Longer term interests include advanced water recycling treatment, brine processing, smart sensors and smart water usage, industrial demand reduction processes, and stormwater harvesting.


Desalination plant and technology development projects

NEOM will construct a vast desalination plant based on new high recovery reverse osmosis membrane technology. And, as part of our R&D at the Innovation Hub, we will explore emerging technologies
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Resource Recovery

Resource Recovery


brine processing plant

brine processing plant